An application platform honed by attackers

Photo by Asa Rodger

Screenshot of Hackium and the REPL

with shift-refactor and shift-interpreter

Puppeteering for fun and outerwear

The result of one week of deepfake experimentation

How easy is it to create a deepfake?


I am beyond fascinated with deepfakes. From the videos of celebrity mashups like Jim Carrey’s face transferred onto Alison Brie’s body…

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Get started with Node & GCP

Transform, manipulate, and deobfuscate JavaScript with shift-refactor

$ npm install shift-refactor

What does shift-refactor do?

shift-refactor is a general purpose JavaScript manipulation and refactoring tool. It provides many common methods you’d want to use when dealing with source code. Methods that allow you do things like rename variables, delete statements, or insert helper code before a line. Transforming JavaScript source is nothing new but it’s never been something many would…

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An attacker allegedly gained access to an npm user account and published modules that broke dependents. But why?

How to use parsers and other tools to analyze JavaScript

Jarrod Overson

I write about JavaScript, Reverse Engineering, Security, and Credential Stuffing. Also a speaker, O'Reilly Author, creator of Plato, Director at Shape Security.

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